Who am I??

Welcome to Five Bean Soup. Here we are all about eating the whole foods plant-based way, being active and creative. After all, life is more than junk food and tv. We need to live an active, rich lifestyle to truly thrive.

I am Dottie Hines and Five Bean Soup is my brainchild.

For years I have tried to improve my health and with that many diets.  One for the challenges is that with five members here consensus on food choices has always been impossible and recently we have added another person to the mix.  Some health changes have prompted two of us to take up Whole Foods Plant-Based (WFPB) eating while another has chosen vegetarianism.  This has completely changed our meals and I am sharing those with you. Expect at least one or two recipes each week.

Walking has always been my exercise of choice.  I am not really a fast paced person even though I have been (and likely will be again) a runner.  I have a bike and I have been known to even ride it but walking is my joy.  It can be hard to keep up an active lifestyle especially when it is rainy or cold (and in England that is pretty much the standard) so sharing a detailed walk once a week helps me to be accountable.

Crafts are my creative side.  Ok the recipes are very much creative and often the result of throwing things together randomly but the crafts are a more artistic (in my view) outlet.  They will likely be few and far between on here as I am not a fast worker.

Have a wander around our site and see what you think. Maybe collect up a recipe or two, or consider walking in my footsteps.

If anything resonates with you please remember to like and share us with all your friends and family!


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