Long Sunny Day of Cruising

We set off from Nether Heyford going north on the Grand Union Canal on a Sunday. There was only one day this weekend for moving the boat because our Saturday was filled up with visiting Swindon for my 100th Parkrun and a friend’s birthday party. Our goal was to get past the Leicester arm ofContinue reading “Long Sunny Day of Cruising”

Blisworth Tunnel

I will admit now that I didn’t take many pictures. The day was grey and rainy….and of course cold! You didn’t think we could have two gloriously bright and sunny days in a row did you? Sunday was exactly the opposite of Saturday both in weather and excitement. We left off early so as toContinue reading “Blisworth Tunnel”

Parallel Parking and Stag Nights

We are now 100% living on the narrowboat. Really we already were fully living on it but now we don’t have a flat to go back to as our daughter is moved in with her grandparents and the flat is sold. This means we don’t have a back up shower or laundry facility for savingContinue reading “Parallel Parking and Stag Nights”

Milton Keynes by Narrowboat

I last left you at Fenny Stratford which is the beginnings of the greater Milton Keynes area. We only had one day to move due to other commitments so we stopped off for water and headed north. There is one lock with a swing bridge at Fenny which is the last lock before you leaveContinue reading “Milton Keynes by Narrowboat”

Cruising to Fenny Stratford

We only had one day to move the boat as I had to go to London and collect Joey on his way home from university. This meant we couldn’t really go that far which was fine as we needed to stay in the area a bit longer. We started out from Stoke Hammond early onContinue reading “Cruising to Fenny Stratford”

Pitstone to Stoke Hammond

After spending two weeks in Pitstone it was time to move. Unless otherwise stated most moorings are allowable up to two weeks. So on the Saturday we set out with only one small obstacle….we needed to collect our daughter from work at 2:30 pm. So our cruising time was limited. We also needed to getContinue reading “Pitstone to Stoke Hammond”

Water on a Narrowboat

In a typical home you have water fed in through pipes to supply you with running water. On a boat we don’t have that option. Even boats in a marina do not have a constant supply of water. So what exactly do we do? On a narrowboat there is a water tank. Different boats haveContinue reading “Water on a Narrowboat”

First cruise of 2022

We woke up on the Thursday morning and decided to go. We had another two weeks of mooring paid for but knew we just didn’t want to be there anymore. So we disposed of our rubbish and other necessary preparations and set out. Backing out of our slip was a challenge that require hand signalsContinue reading “First cruise of 2022”

Blisworth Tunnel and Stoke Bruerne

We left off earlier today in hopes of getting a bit farther along the way home as this is the last day we have to travel until next weekend. We already know that we will not make it to our marina this week as we lost a day to a repair part getting lost inContinue reading “Blisworth Tunnel and Stoke Bruerne”

Day two of our boating adventure

Last time I left you we were moored up just outside of Norton Junction and our lights had gone out mysteriously. We turned off the fuses and turned them back on and still no dice. Just pitch blackness in the middle of nowhere. I joined Alan in the engine “room” and also had no idea.Continue reading “Day two of our boating adventure”