Up-cycled sewing table

I wanted a big sewing table. I mean BIG. This thing is 1.2m x 1.8m. Now anyone from the US might not understand how but that really is but a living room here is often not that much bigger than this table. Luckily we are currently in a house with a big living room.

Now this project is an Ikea hack. It is a kallax 4×2 unit that I originally bought as a pantry unit under my stairs. When we moved here a year ago it became Katie’s clothes storage unit as we didn’t have dressers. It is now on its third life.

The first thing we had to do(now by we I mean Alan) was secure the three linnmon worktops (120x60cm) together. For this we used the flat brackets. Do be careful to have screws that are not too long as you don’t want to go through your worktop into the floor.

Next we brought in the kallax unit and used L brackets to attach the unit in the center of the length of worktop. Measure well to get it centred as much as possible. We have used three large brackets on both long sides and one little bracket on each end.

The next step is adding some sturdy support under to widen the base a bit. The unit is about 33cm wide so the wood support is about 60cm. One on either end of the unit about parallel with the large L bracket. Then there is a longer bit of wood going length wise. These will have the lockable caster wheels.

This is the almost finished product. I will paint the wooden supports white to go with the kallax unit and eventually I want to get some hooks or hanging rods of some sort on the ends. That is how we tend to do things….always in progress.

The little face is Emily being silly

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