Do you have any idea how easy it is to make applesauce? It is so simple that the first time I made it was in Kindergarten when I was 5 years old. Of course we made it as a class project and didn’t worry about nutrition back then. I distinctly remember sugar being a big ingredient but guess what….totally unnecessary! Also, back in the day we were given some sort of grinder thing to process the cooked apple. I think we can make do with either a blender or a stick blender.


6 medium apples

50-80 ml water

There you go….nothing more needed.

I used a paring knife to peel the apples (and ate the peel as I went) then cut each apple in half from top to bottom. Now slice the halves in half in the same way. Essentially quarter the apple from top to bottom. Now cut out the tiny bit of core that it hard or are the seeds (we do not want seeds!)

Now cut each of the quarters in 4-6 pieces and put them into the sauce pan. Add the water and heat on the cook top until the apple is soft. When the apple is soft turn off the heat.

While still in the pan use the stick blender to purée the apple. This is applesauce. Carefully pour the applesauce into a jar (my six apples filled a 500ml jar to the top) and keep in the refrigerator. Use within a short time.

Honestly, I could happily sit down and eat this in one sitting but that might be a bit overdoing it really. I made this for baking actually.

Did you know that applesauce can be used in place of oil in baking recipes? I haven’t tried it yet as applesauce isn’t so readily available in the UK. You can get a tiny jar for a pound or two but nothing bigger that about 200g which is one recipe at best. That would make baking just way to expensive so I made my own. Next step is trying it out in my chocolate chip cookie recipe.

So enjoy your applesauce as a dessert on its own or use it in recipes in place of oil. Don’t waste the peel and know when you trim out the true core it is a fraction of what a apple corer would remove so more sauce for you if you use a knife.

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