What I Eat in a Day

I am working on a few recipes but I will admit that I am a bit stuck at the moment. I have been watching these what I eat in a day videos so I thought I could do a blog version of it.

You will notice I tend to be rather heavy in the fruit. Not to worry though as I am not gaining weight at all…in fact I am down a few pounds eating this way. I am not focusing on weight at all though, just on healthy eating.

So the whole foods plant based way of life is about eating plants. Fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes but no oils. I started this with the ideal of following the Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease path but I am trying to learn about all the WFPB paths out there. The Prevent version say no oils, nuts, or avocado as fat is bad for the arteries. I feel that the nuts and avocado rules are a bit too much for me right now so I am allowing it. You have to do you.


Breakfast was a smoothie (actually two of these glasses of smoothie) and some watermelon. The smoothie was:

1 frozen banana

1 cup frozen (from fresh) spinach

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

2 Tbsp ground flax seed

1 scoop My Protein strawberry clear protein

1 pint of water

I blended it all up in my Ninja Blender until it was smooth. It was more like a fruit chiller than a creamy smoothie. Lately I quite like this but I imagine I might switch back and forth between this and my old milkshake like smoothies.

Lunchtime was salad. My husband had headed out for a short walk so I decided to prepare a salad. I was out of peppers so it wasn’t quite my typical salad .

This salad was actually dinner. I swear I remember taking a pic of lunch but I seem to have misplaced it. For lunch I had little gem lettuce, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, radish, beet, spring onion, seeds, and cannellini beans with homemade hummus and chutney. I have learned a love for using hummus and chutney together in place of salad dressing. I am still perfecting my hummus recipe so it should be along in the next couple weeks.

My day was spent testing my chocolate chip cookie recipe in addition to doing some bulk cooking on lentils. The cookie recipe is not ready. I had previously done it with oil replaced by peanut butter and it was good but it was still fat. Today I used applesauce and the taste was good but something was not right with the texture. I think it was the flax with white flour (was out of the whole wheat). The texture came out sort of like a bagel….very chewy in a bread like way. More experimenting to do yet as perfecting your chocolate chip cookie recipe is of eminent importance. By the way, I only ate two.

Alan and I went for a walk after the cookies and before dinner. Just about a mile around the ‘block‘ but exercise is exercise. Fresh air felt good…kind of centering. Not that long after the walk we moved on to dinner.

Dinner was Sloppy Janes, that it sloppy joes without meat. I found a recipe online. Don’t recall the website but as I didn’t care for the seasoning in it it is a moot point. This was my first attempt at sloppy janes but I have made a few notes to modify the basics I learned into something I think might taste a bit better. If I get that one perfected we will be up to two recipes for future posts.

You can see that again I have had my Sloppy Jane with another salad topped with hummus and chutney. It was a good and filling meal.

After dinner I prepared some nice cream for our evening treat. Nice Cream is blended frozen fruits into a consistency very much like ice cream but no dairy involved. I made a big bowl for each my husband and me. On Thursdays I do the shopping and my first stop was the farm shop up the road. I got lucky and they were selling several bunches of very ripe bananas for £1. I should have bought several boxes but silly me only bought one. When I got home I peeled and froze almost all of the bananas for smoothies and nice cream. I am already running low.

To make this nice cream you will need to blend:

2 frozen bananas

350g bag of frozen strawberries

1 scoop of My Protein strawberry clear protein (optional)

200ml plant milk (I used oat but what every you like or choose water)

I have a Ninja blender which is very good but it isn’t the top of the line blender so the milk is there to help it blend down. I had to stop and scrape down repeatedly but it was worth it. I scooped it into bowls and put it in the freezer until we were ready for dessert.

In addition to my meals I also had several cups of tea with oat milk, several pints of cold water, and a few munches of sugar snap peas. In fact I am impressed that I am really not snacking as much as I used to do when eating a more standard diet. In fact I am finding that my urge to snack seems to be reducing as opposed to the way standard diets cause me to feel ravenous.

I know as I am making the changes in my eating I am very interested in what other people are eating when following a whole foods plant based diet. I have always been so used to eating the processed foods, meats, and junk in general so it is a diametric change. Even though I am new to WFPB, I hope this is in some way helpful to others in their journeys.

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