Musings of a Middle-aged Mum

I want to tell you about a friend’s blog today. The blog is written without name references so I shall just call her Musings.

Musings of a Middle-aged Mum is most book reviews and her weight loss journey. The books range from seriously educational to the occasional young adult in genre so there is something for everyone. Just scrolling through her Goodreads is like browsing through a packed library. If you want to expand your mind but don’t quite know where to start this blog is for you.

The other weekly aspect of this blog is the weight loss journey. Musings often shows what types of things she has been eating and how that has worked for her. Weight loss is hard work and Musings keeps it real. Did the BBQ throw her healthy eating out the window for a couple days? Yes, but she refocused and got back on her mostly veg plan. See her journey isn’t just about the numbers but about finding a healthier relationship with food. I really respect that because health isn’t a number.

Musings is not on a WFPB or vegan diet though she does eat mostly vegetables. Vegan and vegetarian recipes are sometimes shared and honestly….every recipe counts. So please follow Musings and help support her in being healthier in mind and body.

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