What I Eat on a Walking Day

My walk this weekend was only about 4 miles so not enough to be concerned about eating lots of extra calories or snacking during the walk. The temperature was slightly chilly for me without my jacket but hot with it (just a little after resistant cycling jacket). Though there were my most dreaded hills it was not a strenuous hike by any means. If I have one of those in the future I will do another what I eat post.

I woke up and had tea in bed as I have done almost every morning since the beginning of the Covid era. My husband has been working from home and this has become a thing which I am loving!

After a bit of Facebook and talking about where to walk and when I looked at the weather forecast….RAIN! I hate walking in the rain mostly due to wearing glasses. So we decided on a walk in the woods as soon as possible as the rains were meant to be early afternoon. This meant breakfast was a rush of just Sultana Bran (that is Raisin Bran for those not in the know). You can’t tell in the picture but it was probably at least 3 servings of cereal.

Headed over to a nearby country park and had a good wander around. That post will be up on Saturday. Really didn’t get hungry again until on the way home.

When we got home Alan made a big salad while I made a mock red pepper hummus. I puréed the canned chickpeas (including aquafaba ) and roasted red pepper with a bit of garlic purée and bbq seasoning (mostly it is salt, pepper, paprika, garlic and onion powders in a grinder). Once that was done and the salad was ready combined about half the hummus with some chutney and a seed mix from Tesco (lemon pepper salad topper) on a couple big handfuls of salad. Filled me up.

The rest of the day went to a bit of tidying but mostly watching videos. Alan and I are quite taken by narrow boat living and hope to one day be able to do that. Time will tell. I didn’t get a picture but mid-afternoon I had toast with peanut butter and a bit of jam. Tied me over until dinner nicely.

Around 5 pm, Alan took our son to work while I started dinner. Dinner was dhal and rice which I will have the recipe up on Tuesday. If you don’t know, dhal is an Indian style stew of lentils. Even though I knew that would have tomato, onion and spinach in addition to the lentils I still felt like something was missing so I made some smoky mushrooms. The mushrooms gave a new level of flavour to my dhal.

After dinner I needed to make oatmeal raisin cookies for Alan’s bike ride in the morning. As you can get machine that meant a evening snack of cookies. I had three.

Shortly before bed, Alan got peckish and got a couple pieces of toast and leftover dhal. I couldn’t help myself and stole a slice of toast and used it to scoop up some dhal. I found this surprisingly good so dhal on toast might be a future dinner. I didn’t get a picture of that either but it was the same dhal as above and you know what toast looks like.

So I ate about six times throughout the day. Just enough each time to be perfectly satisfied. Everything was plant based and I didn’t add oil to any of it.

What do you eat on walking days? Do you find you are more hungry even on the shorter hike days or about the same?

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