The Forest Centre & Millennium Country Park

This walk ended about half way from our plan. Rained out it was. Alan wanted to show me this park he found while on a cycle ride. We knew it was there because it has a Parkrun in normal times but we had never visited it before. The plan was to do the whole perimeter walk shown on the map below which would have been 5 miles but that didn’t happen..

This is the map we followed

First we turned right toward the windmill when we should have gone left really. This sent us around the bottom half of the park. Not a problem at all though we thought. We were just going to get back to the start and do a second loop of the top to get the whole thing in. Oh well, we will have to go back another day and do the rest of the walk.

I don’t have lots of pictures I am afraid. It was just a lovely, relaxing place to walk. Nothing exceptional to take for pictures. The paths were wide and open for walkers, wheelchairs, proms and bicycles. The only other thing we really saw were lots of trees.

If you are looking for a quiet walk near to the Milton Keynes /Bedford area this is a good choice. There are toilet facilities as well as a cafe there. In addition to the walks around the lakes there is also a sensory garden near the cafe. You do need to pay for parking which is only one pound for an hour or two for three hours so not horribly expensive.

One day in the future, we want to do this Timberland Trail walk we discovered when we visited the park. It is a 13 mile walk so I need to build myself back up for that. Love finding new possibilities for the future.

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