What’s happening right now

Sorry I have been quiet. Feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. So much change going on for me and not enough of me to spread around. Something had to give and to be honest I think just about everything gave in the end.

My exercise stopped. My studies I am just about maintaining but I have no interest in anything at the moment. My diet has managed to stay plant based but it has been more veggie burgers and chips than lentils and potatoes. So for course I gained back the weight I had lost….no surprise there.

What do I do? That is the big question. The plan for me is to focus on one thing at a time. Right now that focus is on my university class.

I am doing an Open University module called Introduction to computing: part 2. After many weeks of waiting for my grade in the part one, I received a grade of distinction (that is an A in normal countries). I think the wait for the grade (about two months) was one of the biggest demotivaters for everything that left me feeling rather depressed. The U.K. really does have the most ridiculous and mentally breaking education systems in the world.

So far my focus on my module has been iffy but upon getting my grade from the previous one I do feel much more focused. I am almost done with my first assignment and thinking about what will be my next step to sanity. I am trying to improve my diet again. It seems like the right next step.

I planned a bit healthier meals for the next week. Due to other chaos I was only able to get food for the next couple days but what I chose was much better than what we have been having for weeks. So what did I chose for the weekend? Saturday is fajita ‘meat’ with salad in wraps. On Sunday the plan is spaghetti with homemade Pasta Sauce. For snacking I decided to replace the crisps I had been having with fruit and cereal. Is it the healthiest I could choose? Probably not but it is better than takeaways, ice cream and crisps.

So, what is the point in this post? Probably that we are all human and have our ups and downs. It is ok to have your downs and to take care of yourself. I hope to get myself back up and running soon. I just need to give myself some time. If you are feeling overwhelmed and down take the time to heal.

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