What am I up to now?

It is the beginning of December and I have lots going on. We are moving this month so that will be lots of work. I am attempting to formally diet as I have now gained, lost, and regained this year to the point that I am 30 lbs heavier than this time last year. I am also having fun with finding the clearance food to combat food waste and keep my budget low. All of that and Christmas preparations to do. Oh and I still have my computer course going on this month….must not forget the most boring computer course on earth.

Yes, it is the holiday season so what better plan than moving your family of five out of the four bed townhouse and into the two bed flat? Don’t worry the flat is being converted into a three bed and my eldest will be living down the road at her grandparents house. So there will only be four of us in the three bedrooms…not quite as loony as it sounds. The flat belongs to the in laws so we have a bit more freedom and the price will help us save for retirement. This will require some major decluttering though. We do have a month to get the move done rather than all in one day so that should make it a bit less crazy.

I decided to use the first three weeks of the month to try out a meal replacement product. I just need to work on breaking out of my snacking mindset and this has worked in the past. This time being plant based I needed to find a dairy-free option so I have gone with Huel. I have been doing this for 4 days so far and have only just managed to have what I would call a good day of only snacking on fruit and one slice of toast. I will do another post with a review of the Huel products next week or so. I haven’t tried both hot and savoury flavours yet so need to work through a bit more first.

I am not however only using meal replacement products….that would be boring. I have been having a shake, a bar, and a hot and savoury bowl each day in addition to a normal meal in the evening. Normally I plan my week of meals and shop once to get everything but not been in the right mental place for those efforts lately. My husband started checking out the clearance areas and finding lots of plant-based stuff regularly so I decided to start trying that. Some places and times seem much better than others but I did manage to find a week’s worth of lunches for my daughter, three to four days of meals for the family and a few extra bits and pieces for the yum for about £50 which wasn’t bad s I normally spend in a week about £150. We will have to see what concoctions I manage to come up with when I have to work around the single clearance item I have found. Might be fun or I might revert back to planning and shopping without clearance…who knows what the future holds.

With moving over the month of December it does make decorating for Christmas a bit awkward. We haven’t done the whole house up like usual as it seems a nightmare to put everything up while trying to move things near and there. We do have our tree and some lights in the living room as well as a wreath on the door so we are not all humbug or anything. I have finished 80% of my Christmas shopping I think. I will admit to doing most online as with the November lockdown I couldn’t go out and my anxiety wouldn’t cope with waiting into the month of December. I think I have two or three more bits to get plus stocking stuffers though and I think all of that is in person stuff. Must get that done soon as I can’t do crowds in the best of times.

My computer course is still there and sucking my soul dry. I loved the first course which I found was well explained and had interesting history along with the programming. This course is like the second half of the first and it is very poorly explained and has so much hardware content that I have no interest in. I did well in my first assignment but the class is wearing me down and I fear my grades will drop because of it. Being 100% online and absolutely no conversation and almost no video content it is not in my opinion fit for purpose. I am really questioning if I should continue with the OU at all as they are completely indifferent to the idea of conversation and debate within modules. I guess that is a thought for another time though.

So December is a busy, crazy month for me. On top of all of this I am still ferrying kids to and from college and work everyday. I guess at least I have things to do though. I also have new adventures with the new flat and living in a village for the first time. I guess it is actually going pretty well. Hope things are looking up for all of you!

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