Flower Walk

Nothing narrowboat about this really. I just had a lovely short walk in Devizes and found such beautiful flowers. I think it was the West Wessex Way at least for a short ways but mostly just a surprising little path between a spot in the middle of nowhere and an allotment. Enjoy the flowers. I know nothing of species so it is just pictures.

It was also one of those perfect little paths with the trees canapying the footpath below. I always love walks like that.

There was this one spot that was so beautiful and yet so odd. Just about across from where a couple paths crossed there was an area that was a tuft of flowers surrounded by turned over and matted down soil like a tractor had gone through a while before and destroyed everything except for a triangle of flowers about three feet long. It was just amazing though. A perfect sight.

Another highlight was as I passed by an opening into an adjacent field I saw a very young stag. I pictures look so far away and yet he was actually very close. You would just see the beginnings of his antlers so very young. He didn’t seem to see or smell me though I think he did hear my footsteps. He was a handsome boy. I was standing in the opening so the lighting is terrible.

The whole walk only lasted about an hour. Just enough to get me out and moving and to fill some time. Often those turn out to be the best walks of all. I will leave you with a few more pictures to brighten your day.

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