Chia hemp porridge

I have been following a more paleo style diet as of late but was getting tired of omelettes for breakfast.  I really just wanted cereal but that wasn’t an option.  I tried searching pinterest for breakfast ideas that might soothe the craving but nothing was quite right.  

While chatting with some veggie friends someone mentioned chia porridge.  As I had a small packet of chia seeds another lovely friend had given to me I decided to try searching for a recipe.  I did find several but they all called for flax or were too low in protein and too high in carb so I got to playing around with ideas.  My first attempt was ok but still involved maple syrup and didn’t stave off the hunger as long as I would have liked but I bought a big pack of chia anyway as it seemed worth the effort.

Today I had another go and am sure I am onto something.  Chia, hemp, protein powder, almond milk and raisins.  Still a bit high in carbs but it quelled my hunger from 8am until 2 pm when I next had a chance to eat.  I had participated in a 5K, driven my family all over creation and gone grocery shopping in that time and honestly didn’t feel hungry.  So here is the recipe and I hope you enjoy it.  I am thinking I might replace the raisins with almond butter tomorrow to see how it goes but who knows.

Chia Hemp porridge

2 tbsp chia seeds

2tbsp hemp seeds

1 scoop (half serving) of USN diet fuel vanilla (I am sure any brand would do)

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 

20g (1-2tbsp)  raisins

200ml (just under a cup) unsweetened almondmilk 
I just tossed it all in a milk pan and heated it on the stove until it was my desired porridge consistency.  I stirred constantly.  
No extra sweetener required.  It was just right without the maple syrup or honey.  The raisins add quite a bit of excess carb/sugar but it is also a serving of fruit.  It all came out to about 500 calories with about 37g protein and 33 g carbs as I recall but I forgot to screens hot the details from my fitness pal and am not completely certain of the numbers.  Overall a thoroughly enjoyable breakfast that didn’t leave me feeling heavy but lasted for hours.

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