Clutch and card holder

I had an idea to make a change/phone purse. Now a sensible person would have found a pattern and I think I will next time.

Every time I knew I was making a mess of things an idea to fix it would pop into my mind. So again a sensible person would take a break and think things through…maybe look for patterns or watch a YouTube video. This is not what I did.

I cut it too small in one direction. I probably could have worked with it. In fact by the end of all this I think I realised the size was right in the first place. So I cut off the “extra” to make the sides even. Sigh!

The next thing was the wadding as I wanted a quilt like bag. I had seen a video on this a few weeks ago so “knew” what I was doing. What I forgot was that the video had the quilting onto just the wadding so the inside of the bag would be smooth. I had ironed the backing on by the time I remembered though so I pushed on. After all there is no harm in there being quilting on the inside.

The third problem. I forgot completely what to do next. I think back now and realise I should have folded wrong side and sewed the sides then attached the zipper. For some unknown reason I got it in my head to bind it. I know my mind has been chaotic today but binding? I don’t even really know how to make binding.

Did I learn anything from this experience? I hope so. I am going to adjust my plan and have another go. I have a much bigger set up already though the first thing I need to do is try and peel the backing off the sandwich cause I got ahead of myself and ironed them both at the same time.

After writing the first half of this I went back and tried again. This time with a square of 12×12” (this time I trimmed my calico to also be 12×12) I did a simple straight line pattern of a line down the centre and a big X on the open sandwich of the pretty fabric and the wadding. This allowed me the quilted look even though it was a single square.

I sandwiched the front, wadding and backing and folded it over to make an envelope with the backing to the outside. When I was happy with it I sewed the sides up. Turned it right side out to check it and was happy. Turned it back to wrong sides and attached my salvaged zipper. I had never done a zipper before and it was not as bad as I expected. I did have to hand sew it as I couldn’t find another way on my own. The zipper isn’t perfect but it is an admirable first try. I finished the rest of the open edge on the machine and had a bag. It has yet to get a handle as I don’t have the material I want for that yet but it is a decent soft clutch bag.

After finishing the bag I decided the smaller attempt could be made better. It is a bit big for a card protector and actually a perfect size for a phone the size of mine without the case. I took what looked like a bad potholder, folded it with right sides facing in, sewed up he sides inside of the funky binding I had done and have a little card pocket to go in my matching bag. It actually looks ok. A bit more practice and I could probably make a good one.

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