Up Cycle Route 6 and Down the Grand Union Canal

Last week we walked from Willen Lake to Great Linford on a circular route. This week we decided to continue on that route further and started off from the Linford Manor Park. We parked up at the Memorial Hall off of Marsh Drive in Great Linford.

Now if you want to add the Milton Keynes City Walk together with the this one you just need to turn left after Linford Manor toward the railway path next to the church. If you have previously done the MK city walk you should recognise the hall and car park when you park up to do this one.

From the car park turn left and walk up into the Linford Manor Park going straight over the paths toward the almshouses and church. Join the path to the right of the church. It will continue on cycle route 6 and join onto the railway path further up.

Church on the left and cycle path to the left going straight on

Very shortly up this path there is a sitting area made to look like a stone circle. There is also a little path behind this stone circle which is very curious. We took a quick detour to have a peek and it looked like it might have continued a bit more but we wandered back to the path first thing as it was not the plan for today. It might be an adventure for another day.

We continued on this path nearly to Wolverton. It is a nice paved path hidden down in the trees away from the roads. Just don’t get off the path and you will be ok. There is a fork a couple of miles down the path with no markings so we turned right into a Parks Trust park path.

Keep right

Follow signs for cycle route 6 right up into Wolverton. Over Grafton Street you will see a cycle path bridge separate from the canal path. Follow the cycle path. This will continue into a park area in Wolverton called The Secret Garden. At this point you need to make a left turn after seeing another stone circle at the tree and follow the path up to the street level. I know….turn left at the tree sounds dumb so here is a picture of the tree (and the stone circle).

While in The Secret Garden look out for the sculpture of the people watching tv. Sign of our times I guess. At the street level you will be on a bridge that goes over the main train line and the canal. In order to get to the other side of the canal you need to cross this rather busy road. When you reach the other side of the road turn right and watch for a path to your left. I think it had iron gates that are kept open. There is a sign saying it goes to Wolverton Park. I think this is what they call the flats there as you are going into a complex of buildings…all flats. Go down the stairs and turn left onto the towpath of the Grand Union Canal.

Do note that if you need any food or drinks that Wolverton is a town and if you had turned left at the bridge you would have found yourself with several grocery stores to choose from including Tesco. We packed our own snacks and had them along the way as Alan had eaten too early in the morning and was hungry and I had hurried along and failed to eat enough. We had bananas near the beginning of the walk and baked potatoes while sitting on a bench at the beginning of the towpath. Quick, easy and packs well.

Along the towpath

Now I make this walk even more straight forward. Keep walking along the towpath until you reach bridge 76a. This is an old rail bridge that is on that railway walk we stated off in just by Linford Manor Park. The path onto the bridge is on the far side of the bridge. When on the bridge turn left and follow until you can turn left to meet the towpath on the park side. I wish I had pictures and better details for you but Alan got us over on the park side towpath a bridge earlier which required us to cross a VERY busy road that I didn’t like crossing. I hope you will be more sensible and stay safer.

Once you have crossed over to the park side you should recognise where you are. The first stone circle is dead ahead and you are back in Linford Manor Park. Just stay straight over the junctions and back to the memorial hall with the Manor House to your right.

This is a simple paved route that will not require waterproof shoes. The towpath isn’t as paved but it is a good hard surface for the duration of your time on the path. As there are stairs at Wolverton this is not wheelchair friendly and honestly the towpath would be a nightmare at times. A pushchair is possible but it would need to be carried down stairs in Wolverton and on the towpath it would be rough going so I would recommend an off-road buggy.

So the total distance was 6.67 miles and it took us 2 hours and 15 minutes including snack breaks. I hope you enjoy this walk and consider adding the two walks together for a bigger walk as well.

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