Hines Baked Beans

Yes, I did that play on words. I previously had this recipe on here but have updated it to a whole foods friendly option, tested it out again, and gotten the pictures I wanted to share so here we go again!

I originally modified another recipe 9 years ago but as life evolves so has my recipe. This is now whole foods friendly and I am including a quicker option. Originally, I worked from dry beans as it is a cheaper option but I discovered I had used up all my dry white beans and wouldn’t have time to soak them for today so I sent a couple kids to the store for tinned beans. This is a complicated situation because I didn’t have a clue how much cooked beans I would have from 2 dry cups so I guessed! This came out exactly as I remembered it so 2 dry cups can be replaced with 3 tins of white beans. I used cannellini beans as great northern are not available at my store.



2 cups dry white beans (great northern or cannellini work well) or 3 tinned drained (saved liquid for later)

2 medium onions

4oz molasses (treacle)

1tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

3/4 tsp dry mustard powder (I use Coleman’s in the yellow tin)

1 cup Homemade BBQ Sauce

2 tsp liquid seasoning

1/2 cup maple syrup

1. Soak and cook beans as per packet instructions if dry. Save bean water for later.

2. In a saucepan mix the remaining ingredients and heat until well combined.

3. Put beans in a casserole dish or round cast iron pot with a lid. Pour the contents of saucepan over the beans and mix together well. The liquid layer needs to just about cover the beans so if it is low you need to top up with bean water (either from cooking or tin).

4. Cover the pot and place in the preheated oven. 170C / 350F. Bake covered for about 1.5 hours. Uncover the pot and let stand 15-20 min to thicken.


Be careful not to let it get too dry. In all honesty I did and needed to add a bit of veg stock to bring it back.

I served it with cornbread muffins (recipe to come) and a salad. Would also go very nicely on a baked potato.

I actually feel this is more of an autumnal or winter meal; however, it has hit the spot as a cooler summer Sunday dinner.

Have a go at this gorgeous bean dish and let me know how you get on. I love to hear from you.

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