What I Eat in a Day

I did one of these a few weeks ago and had someone comment to me that they found that helpful. I guess I do enjoy watching this sort of thing on YouTube so I guess others might find it helpful too.

I am not a fancy cook at all. I am a home cook. A mom cook. So what I do isn’t gourmet or complicated. In fact, I am intimidated by long lists of ingredients. I tend to stick to a bit of a pattern for a while than choose another pattern later on.

Also worth knowing, this was done on the hottest day of the year. It was 36C in England that day and we were dying in our non-air conditioned home. This was melting into a big puddle kind of weather so you can imagine cooking was not my chose activity of the day.


I forgot to take the picture until after drinking most of my smoothie. It is about a litre of drink. Maybe it is summer or maybe it is that I love to drink more than eat. I am loving my smoothies right now. This one is:

  • Kirkland frozen mixed berries
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 large handful spinach
  • 1 splash of sugar free vanilla syrup (not healthy I know)
  • 1 T flax seed
  • 1 pint cold water

I am now adding ashwangha powder to mine as well but I didn’t have it yet that day. I just toss it all my Ninja Blender and blend it up. Quick and easy to make and tastes like a fruit chiller.


This has been my go to lunch for several weeks now. I don’t have it everyday but it is my quickest option as we usually have salad pre-made in the fridge. This one has lentils, seeds, hummus, and caramelised onion chutney. I use the hummus and chutney in place of salad dressing. Sure the chutney adds sugar but it is fully plant based and has no oil. This is a very filling meal providing a portion or two of vegetables, two of legumes, and one serving of seeds.

Afternoon Snack

I think this picture is pretty self-explanatory. My husband chopped up the melon and we sat at the table and ate this out of a big mixing bowl. No, we didn’t finish eating the whole half melon in one sitting this time but it is known to happen.


It was hot. I wasn’t feeling that hungry. Dinner was planned as salad because I read the weather reports. It is just the lunch salad topped up with extra leafy greens and bbq tofu on top. Okay I think I used different seeds on this one.

Evening Snacks

In the evening we pretty much always have a snack. Sometimes it is popcorn with Bragg’s aminos and nutritional yeast but this day was hotter than a witch’s titties (why is this even a saying? Whatever) I made nice cream with frozen bananas and strawberries. To that I added more of my chemical shitstorm of vanilla syrup and soya milk until you get it to blend into a good consistency. I know that syrup needs to go but I am not ready yet. In addition to the nice cream I had a bit of wine. Like my goblet? Everyone needs a goblet!

Of course I drank liquids throughout the day. I drink many, many large cups of tea in the mornings. My tea cups are half litre cups so I drink a lot of fluids. Dehydration is not a worry for me. In the afternoons I mostly drink water but also like some squash. For those not in the U.K., squash is a concentrated fruity flavour added to water. Usually it is about a natural as an atomic bomb and probably about as healthy. I use an organic fruit based squash called Rock. It still has added sugar but it isn’t a chemical shitstorm. It also means I can have something like still lemonade rather then the fizzy drink they call lemonade in the U.K. I probably drink about a gallon of fluids each day.

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