I love tortillas. I love most flatbreads I guess. I might, I dare say, have a bit of a bread issue in fact. I have provided you with a naan recipe before and I have a plethora of bread recipes yet to come. I have experimenting yet to do. But today it is a quick tortilla style wrap.

White wheat tortillas

  • 700g plain flour
  • 230 ml water
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 60 ml plain soya yogurt
  • 1/2 tsp salt


Mix ingredients until it forms into a ball of dough. This will take several minutes. Once it is a ball of dough, knead it on a floured surface until nice and smooth. Cut into 12 even balls and roll as thin as you can. If you are a dab hand with a tortilla press feel free….I am a press failure.

You need to have a pan or griddle hot and ready. Place the tortilla onto the hot pan and let it cook and rise up a bit in places then flip over for another minute. Place on a plate with a towel over to help hold in the heat as you repeat for the rest.

The whole process only takes ten to fifteen minutes and I find it fun. I use a cast iron griddle that I oil, heat up, wipe off the excess oil while hot, then cook two tortillas at a time. Do remember to get the pan good and hot but then turn the heat down to a medium or even low so it doesn’t burn the tortillas. I forgot that step and a couple of them got a bit extra brown.

I used these to test my Nacho Cheezy Sauce. I added in a few beans and some salad for a tasty lunch. Do note, my tortillas were a bit thick as I didn’t have much space to work and I only cut mine dough into eight pieces. My griddle is only maybe 6-8 inches wide so my tortillas need to be small.

Husband was happy with his and prefers the thicker tortilla. Youngest really liked her one fresh from the griddle (she got the first one). I son grabbed the burnt one and was less pleased so do be careful. I enjoyed mine.

How you like this recipe. If you do please like and share so that I can grow and share more recipes in the future.

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