Huel review

Huel is a plant-based meal replacement product that I have no ties to at this time. Please know this is from using the products for just over a week so not long term. I decided to give it a try to help me focus in on my meals and getting my snacking under control. Some people will use it like a protein shake while others might use it as extra nutrition or for dieting. I kind of used it for all of those thing.

I am one week into using a shake in the morning, a hot and savoury at lunch and a snack bar if needed before having a normal plant-based dinner. I think it took me about five days before I managed to have a low snacking day and yet at 6 days in I weighed in 3lbs lighter. This was likely a coincidence as I can’t say that I likely had even a day under 2000 calories. Not sure how the three pounds snuck away but please don’t come back this time.

The shakes! I have the chocolate and vanilla flavours which are nice. The chocolate is not dark tasting which I liked. It actually reminded me of a chocolate pudding I used to love as a kid. The vanilla is a bit weak in flavour. Normally vanilla is my favourite but this one kind of disappointed me. Now, at 400 calories each, I need that shake to be worthy. Flavour wise it was only about a 7. Also, I got the ready to drink shakes which are only 20 G protein so if you are trying to really up that area the Huel black powder might be worth a look. I haven’t had that yet.

The hot and savoury is next. It is described by Huel as a risotto texture. I see why they said that but it is not quite there. I call it my lunch goop. The Mexican chilli is the only flavour I have tried so far and it tastes quite nice but the texture is odd. It does have solid bits in it including flax seed as I recall but it is based in powder that is sort of a very think shake texture. Not surprising and really about what I expected. These are also 400 calories but with 24g protein. The taste is a good 8 to 8.5 but the texture is more of a 5.

Those snack bars. Dear Lord ….those snack bars….why? They have little flavour. A slight hint tries to come out but the cardboard like mouth feel overwhelms what little flavour is there. It isn’t as dry and powdery as most I have tried but it is not enjoyable. I find myself avoiding these as I still have over twenty to get through. The snack bars get a 3 from me. Do not recommend.

Would I recommend the Huel products? The ready to drink shakes….yes. The hot and savoury….yes with the warning that the texture is a bit goopy. The bars…oh hells no. They do have other flavours of everything so worth a look. The shakes can be powder to make your own and the powder options are higher in protein but not calories.

How well have they worked for me and will I buy it again? The ready to drink shakes seem to upset my stomach for some reason. Not sure why so I will keep working through my stock and update this later on that. It might just be too much liquid and not enough solid at once since I drink a good bit of tea in the mornings. The hot and savoury I would buy again. It is handy in that you can prepare it like a pot noodle and the taste is good. I have gotten used to the texture as well. The bars are a no. I will work through my boxes until they are gone but I am not reordering that.

The Huel does seem to have helped me feel less hungry throughout the day. I also felt a bit more energy I think. Could be the spike in protein satisfied me better. Might be that the array of vitamins and minerals got me the extra I was not getting elsewhere. I just know I do feel a bit perked up from where I was a couple weeks ago.

I hope this is helpful to others. I know I like to read reviews not linked to the product directly which is why I decided to share. As I have said, I am not getting anything for the review and I paid for the products out of my own little credit card…..ok my husband’s credit card for full honesty.

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