New Year….Old Me

I see the old adage of new year…new me and just laugh. A changing of calendars makes no difference to the essence of me. Shall I lose 50 lbs this year…probably not. Shall I try to diet this year….almost certainly! Shall I become super efficient and get all my work done….certainly not! So New Year….Old Me.

Yup, still a family organiser as I need to know everywhere I am driving to get kids to difference educational establishments inside and outside our region.

We did get our move done. The keys will be handed in in a few days as we need to get meter readings done on the last day we are scheduled to be there. Our flat was converted from two into three bedrooms so we have a new wall though the coving and skirting boards were not available so we had to move everything in without it complete and the builder will come back and complete it with all our furniture in place because….sod’s law (that is Murphy’s law for those in the US).

I have to be happy to have survived moving over Christmas while I was meant to be studying all during a pandemic. Oh and in that time they have now discovered that pesky little virus has adapted and gotten even better at infecting us so we are locked down enough that the only next stage is burying us each alive in our own little death cells. Funny thing is that actually I am so much of an introvert and homebody that the only real effect on me is not being able to buy my new blinds in person at IKEA ….so I ordered them online and had IKEA deliver. If they didn’t charge a f*** ton for delivery I would probably buy much, much more from them.

I was meant to be studying this whole last month and I felt very guilty about my utter lack of effort on that front right up to the day I was meant to have my Christmas break to which I continued to not study but knowing I had ‘earned’ my break. Today was the first day back to official study time and 10 days until the next assignment is due. I have not done any of question 5 as I got so painfully board and frustrated during the coursework for that. I read through the chapter for question 6 and need to do work tomorrow. I actually kind of liked that chapter. I also need to read chapter 7 which looks to be about scaring me into complex and unmemorable passwords and other such security measures. It doesn’t have a question in the assignment so maybe I could skip it to try harder on the skipped question but I would rather read the chapter not worthy of a question than do any more of chapter 5. I know I must do it eventually but 9 days is ages, right?

The article titles remind me of old newsreels about VD (that is STDs for you youngsters). Now we are just having to worry what our computers are getting up to.

Honestly though….block two of this module has been the most boring and dreadful educational experience I have had….ever! It does look like the topics of the next block are mostly in the only area of this module that doesn’t make me want to dive head first out of 20 story building. I am grasping at this with white knuckles in fear it will me as horrific as the rest of TM112 . Pray for me!

So what are my goals for the new year? Just keep swimming! I have to get through this module and then I will have several months break before I can sign up for anything else. I have no idea what that anything else will be as I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. So I guess actually studying will be required.

I also plan to get back to my recipes and need to finish off the crocheted blanket I am making for my eldest. I am not going to declare any diets at this time as I still have cookies and popcorn left in the snack box and because….I don’t wanna! I have decided that I don’t wanna is in fact a reasonable excuse for not doing something….well reasonable for me but my kids need to come up with something better.

Love to claim this was a leftover Christmas goody or that it was at all plant-based but it is not…it is the after Christmas Costco splurge just because I could and consequences me damned! oh and I do believe that weight is a bit wrong as that should say kg not g and I am sure I shall be gaining more weight than that of the whole tin….only per cookie.

So if you want to make grand plans and push yourself to great heights than go for it! If you want to just ride the waves and go with the flow of who you know you already even though you are a procrastinating, anxiety, sweary person like me….surfs up! Have a fabulous New Year!

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