Mushroom Filling

I know this isn’t the most delicious sounding title but I was at a bit of a lose to describe this recipe. I have used it to fill a pot pie as well as mixing it with pasta. It is versatile and moreish. As I am planning to use it as a topping on a puff pastry this week I am certain that will be one of the pictures but I shall try to dig out another picture or two to help do the recipe justice.

Mushroom Filling

2 onions

2 leek

600g sliced mushrooms

150g spring greens

2 tbsp butter (I use vitalite)

100g cream cheese (I used a vegan one with herbs though don’t recall the brand)

75ml soya milk

1tbsp liquid seasoning

1-1 1/2 tsp black pepper

1tbsp mixed herbs

1tsp garlic purée

1tsp meat gravy (the one I have seems to be vegan)


I start by sautéing the onions and leeks in the butter. When they are soft I add the garlic, mushrooms, and greens. Stir around a bit without letting it burn on. Add the rest of the ingredients and cook until all is soft with a bit of a creamy sauce.

As the best laid plans go and all my mushroom tart did quite go to plan for the picture. I had the lid on a bit too long and the liquids built up rather than cook down so I had to add a bit more gravy powder. So the picture shows it a bit darker than usual. It still came out rich and delicious though. I had also needed to switch out my spring greens for spinach so this might have added to my liquid issue.

I actually had enough filling to make two mushroom tarts with this filling. I just bought two ready rolled puff pastries from the store s I am not a crust making person if I can help it. Came out so well that everyone had double portions.

I don’t have a picture of the pie I made with this recipe last month but I do have a couple from the pasta version.

Versatile and gorgeous. I am also 100% sure it would go gloriously with rice or as a baked potato filling. If yo have a go at this recipe let us know how you serve it.

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