Pandemic diaries….day 5299

I woke to darkness which was glorious only to be plunged into the light. The day had begun!

I read about the fall of America while my tea went cold before dragging myself downstairs to reheat my tea and have breakfast. I would have a filling breakfast sandwich to get me through my morning of study. Afterall, I am a first year student in university even if I am 45 million years old and the mother of a girl preparing to graduate university herself this year. I need my fuel.

Having heaved my full figured carcass back up to the computer desk and logged in with this soul sucking dread screaming out to me. I couldn’t get the cut and paste of the module coursework to work. Cut and paste and it didn’t work! So I head to the forum here I am told I must be in the editor not the shell but what does that mean? The man explains the meaning which only tells me still that I am in the wrong place but the app we were instructed to use only has one place as far as I can understand so I am not sure how to get to the shell. Moved on.

Worked on the online activity which was reading about an online notebook that seemed more complicated than needed and notes have never worked well for me anyway. Did the quiz questions (which just means homework we are encouraged to discuss in forum) only to find that it is too early to help despite there being at least two of us asking for help. The reasoning being that they need to give everyone the chance to do it on there own because obviously if it is discussed amounts those that want to discuss it the others are forced to log in, search down the forum post and ogle all that unwanted information….ffs!

After all that I decided to work on the assignment only to be befuddled by the need to download a file which I couldn’t find anywhere. I was about to head back to the forum from hell when I mis-clicked something so had to wonder my way back and accidentally found the file but by then it was 1pm and I was tired and hungry.

After lunch I got my audiobook going and headed up all the mother f*cking stairs with the plan to clean the bathroom when I realised I forgot the cleaning cloths. I declared (to no one in particular), “F*ck it all!” And went for a nap.

Now we all know a nap can’t be a nap. I listen to my book in my room and went to the toilet to pee every 20 minutes because I am 45 million years old and I did fuel my day with tea and diet Dr Pepper. My cat declared his love for me incessantly on one toilet trip because he wanted me to feed him for I believe the third time of the day. After feeding him….again….his love disappeared and I stopped existing again.

Dinner of Mexican chicken less rice was my next task. I poured the salsa over the This isn’t Chicken at lunchtime along with a tin of taco beans. I pulled out the rice and went to measure only to find that I didn’t really have enough….damn. I just decided to f*ck it and keep going. Into the instantpot went the “marinaded” fake chicken, salsa, beans, some frozen corn, rice and water. Put the machine on rice and walked away. Now the rice function is normally 12 minutes but an hour later it started counting down from 16 minutes. WTF! It finally finishes and it looks like soup. FFS!

Once dinner is over I am finishing off this day watching the end of the world (?)….aka the last season of Supernatural. I am a year late? No, I am just in the U.K. with the shittiest TV imaginable and eventually had to buy the last season because the sodding tv channel that was showing it for the first 13 seasons just decided not to finish showing it. I am definitely routing for those conspiring to kill god at this point.

Did I mention that hubby and I thought it a great idea to avoid alcohol until the end of February as we had been drinking too much this last year? Oh yeah, we decided this and vowed on it just days because the latest lockdown. FML!

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