I am on a Break

I thought I might do a series on the various things I am doing for my mental health as I have been struggling for a while. Nothing serious….just been in a funk for the last 6 months. With university work and family always around everything got a bit on top of me. Add in a move along the way and a second big lockdown for added stress i just needed to do something. So what did I do? Lots of little somethings.

Today I will tell you about one of the bigger little somethings. I decided to take a Facebook break. I have been on Facebook since 2008 and have never needed a break until now. It had always been my way of keeping up with family and friends near and far. It had helped me find home education support back in my home ed days. It was always a nice place for until recently.

What happened to push me to log out? I have found that society has gotten particularly hateful and being hidden behind a keyboard that previously annoying poster that would, occassionally, grate on the nerves got more incessant or tipped into vitriol. I was finding it in big groups dedicated to one subject or another and in the local community groups. When I started feeling it in the more personal posts I knew it was time to get out of society a bit.

I am very introverted. Most of the last year has been refreshing for me as I have not had to go out ad socialise as much. I could heroically hide out in my home watching movies and it was socially approved. That is not normal.

So for the last week or so I have not been on Facebook. It is the only social media I generally would communicate on so the only one I deleted. I do have Instagram but as that is for comics and cat pics it is not partically stressful. So far I have been ok. I have missed the lazy scrolling through while watching tv but that is about it. I know that if there is anything important I need to know someone can message me. If i have an urge to read it I can log into the website but I am not planning to bring back my apps. It is nice to not find myself reacting to notifications all day or getting upset about something stupid.

If you would like to know a few other things I am doing to try to de-stress and calm my life stay tuned. Facebook is really just a drop in my bucket.

2 responses to “I am on a Break”

  1. Sometimes we need a break from social media. I also use facebook a lot in 2018 but now because of some stupid reasons and to keep my mental health good . I often have breaks from social media.

  2. Lovely to read this and know how positive it has been. Have been thinking of you. Take care.

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