Diet Changes

So I am no longer plant-based. I decided that trying to restrict my diet in that way was stressful to me. In addition to that I can honestly say that being plant-based did not improve my health or make me feel better in the long run.

I know this will disappoint many of my readers. I jumped into this with excitement and truly believed that plant-based was the key to health and weigh loss. Nine months later and I was stressed out, my random pain was worse, and I had gained 40lbs.

I do believe I gave this a good go. This wasn’t a 2 week thing and quitting. I did have an initial weight loss with pb eating but after several more weeks the weight started climbing. I kept believing that if I just kept my focus it would reverse and all would get better. It didn’t!

Nine months on and my clothes no longer fit. I joined a gym and weighed in on their handy dandy boditrax. I had no idea it was 40lbs up from my pre-plant based diet and 50 lbs up from the initial pb weight loss . I felt pretty damn disgusted with myself.

Since dropping the food restrictions I was lost almost 2kg (5lbs) without calorie counting. I have felt a bit less hungry than since allowing meat back into my diet so I think that is the main difference. While plant-based I was hungry all the time.

I am not sure where I am going to go with my food choices in the future. I will continue to have plant-based recipes on here and probably add some that aren’t. I still have a vegetarian in the house so I am still balancing cooking for different diet choices so I will likely try and do more posts about how to walk that tightrope.

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