Milton Keynes City Walk

People seem to have a very poor image of Milton Keynes. I am often told that Milton Keynes is just concrete. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. We walked for just over 6 miles and it was all lovely and green. We started out from Willen Lake. The car park we used was acrossContinue reading “Milton Keynes City Walk”

Ashridge Walk

With the Covid lockdown we are generally not traveling far but luckily we have several forests and parks around to choose from for walks.  This time we chose to head over to the Ashridge Estate in Hertfordshire.  It is a National Trust property with public footpaths winding all over it.  We parked at a smallContinue reading “Ashridge Walk”

Safari Walk

As we missed out the last bit of our Woburn walk last week we decided to finish it off this week. As the whole walk was meant to be 8 miles and we walked 7 miles last week we didn’t expect this walk to be terribly long. We did get slightly lost last week andContinue reading “Safari Walk”

Woburn walk

We found an 8 mile walk around Woburn Abbey on Northamptonshire Walks which is rather funny considering that Woburn Abbey is well inside of Bedfordshire. They have some lovely pictures and the details of the correct walk… in the end it was not quite the walk we did. This walk was written up five years ago andContinue reading “Woburn walk”

Best-Laid Plans…

The plan was to do a 4.5 mile walk starting in Aldbury, Hertfordshire. This is just outside the Ashridge Estate and not far from Ivinghoe Beacon where we walked last week. Please note that I didn’t have a clue where Aldbury was other than in Hertfordshire when we left the house. We packed up ourContinue reading “Best-Laid Plans…”

Ivinghoe Beacon

Alan and I did a rather short walk at Ivinghoe Beacon. It is the end point of The Ridgeway and the beginning of the Icknield Way (if I recall correctly).  My pictures do not do justice to the steepness of the hills, but they are short lived.  I am currently in terrible shape.  Between jointContinue reading “Ivinghoe Beacon”