Sourdough Casserole (vegan)

I really enjoyed the Chicken Sourdough Casserole that I wrote about while still eating meat. The sourdough topping was very much not WFPB however so I had a go at fixing this. It was a success. Sourdough Casserole 800g sourdough starter 1 300g packet of silken tofu  2 Tablespoons Nutritional yeast 2 teaspoons baking powderContinue reading “Sourdough Casserole (vegan)”

Homemade Pizza (vegan)

There can be no better way to cater for all your family’s dietary choices than pizza. Why is that? Because everyone can have their own made just the way they like it. Only the choice of toppings divide the omnis from the vegans. Of course you could make individual pizzas using a store bought dough/Continue reading “Homemade Pizza (vegan)”

Chicken Sourdough Casserole

I started this by roasting two chickens. Don’t worry….this recipe only uses half a chicken. I roasted two chickens because the meal planned for the next day is chicken with salad and I want to have extra for two more meals. My plan for next week is a chicken noodle soup and a chicken stir-fry.Continue reading “Chicken Sourdough Casserole”

Sourdough discard crackers (vegan)

Well my sourdough starter still is not behaving. I am losing hope it will ever be useable. I am over a week out and it still looks like a two to three day old. Due to this I am still discarding and feeding. I collected up a good bit of discard and decided to makeContinue reading “Sourdough discard crackers (vegan)”

It’s sour and it’s dough but is it sourdough?

I have been attempting a sourdough starter along with the rest of the world apparently. I managed to find some plain, white flour and on a whim I went for it. I had tried this once before but it got really watery and I didn’t know what to do….this time has been different. I addedContinue reading “It’s sour and it’s dough but is it sourdough?”